Gold Remote Coaching Services

Gold Remote Coaching Services

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Driven By Your Dreams 

The fight for playing time and recognition is a common struggle at every level of the game. You consistently put in the hard work with late nights and early mornings. You are on the grind and sacrifice sleep, time, and hanging with your friends and family all for this game. The problem is, so does your competition. They all love the game, work hard, and sacrifice everything on the same grind. You need an edge, something to help you standout and separate yourself from the crowd. 

This is your story. Your dream. ADVANC3 Training is your personal guide to outworking your competition and advancing towards your dreams. We have helped hundreds of players worldwide strategically advance their games and we will help you to do the same, repetition by repetition.

Our Gold plan is a high-touch, VERY LIMITED enrollment plan that integrates an accountability factor to your ongoing training. This is only for players who want to be the best, put in the effort, and have a strong work ethic.

Join the hundreds of players worldwide and gain immediate access to our professional coaches, scouts, and elite skills trainers. We apply over 35 years of expertise and experience to help create a personalized development plan focused on one thing -- breaking your entire game down to build it up to the highest of levels. 

Gold Plan Details

  • Upload two full game films and we will dissect your entire offensive game
  • Upload a video of your shooting form using our specific filming protocol
  • We create a personalized 12-week training program to take your game to the next level (re-evaluate at the 6-week mark)
  • We provide a shot analysis report and provide special corrective drills to get you shooting consistently and accurately
  • Weekly Skype calls to check in and manage overall development
  • Daily film clips and homework sent to study to help reinforce skill training and concepts all while building your basketball IQ

If you want professional guidance for your basketball skills training journey, this is the service for you. Our plans allow you access to professional basketball coaches and trainers who will evaluate your skills and develop a custom track for your improvement.