Ball Handling Skill Pack

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Our Ball Handling Skill Pack is a self-directed skill pack that focuses on ball control and includes professionally designed actionable drills.


The ability to handle the ball against pressure defense is a sought after skill, one that is developed through purposeful training and technique. Understanding how to add in change of pace, change of level and change of direction gives an offensive player the space to attack the defense and make plays for themselves or a teammate.

About Our Basketball Skill Packs:

  • Delivered to you instantly after purchase via links
  • One time fee
  • Professionally designed skill program to add into your current training routine
  • Game relevant drills
  • Expert teaching and basketball IQ development 


    Designed by Professionals. Mastered by YOU.

    ADVANC3 Training Skill Packs are an exclusive collection of actionable drills a player or coach can pick and immediately integrate into current training and practices.Turn a key growth area (KGA) into a strength and add to your game one additional skill at a time. 

    These are some of the same drills we use with our professional clients to keep their skills sharp and game ready. This series is dedicated to developing specific skills through game relevant drills that get proven results.