Pull Up Game - Basketball Skill Development Video Series

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At every level of the game, each defensive strategy created to take away certain types of shots is vulnerable and gives up other types of shots. As the game becomes increasingly more athletic and players are shooting the ball at higher percentages, the majority of defensive strategies focus on taking away easy baskets in the paint and clean 3pt looks. The vulnerability of this focus becomes the mid range pull up, particularly from the free throw line extended.

Offensively, teams will space the floor by having multiple shooters behind the 3pt line to help open up gaps on the floor to attack. These gaps are the spaces where there are points to be found. A player who can consistently hit pull up jumpers in these gaps is CRITICAL. The ability to hit pull up jumpers in the mid range is a lost art.

What's Included

The key to shooting is consistency - consistent footwork, consistent mechanics and most importantly, consistent confidence.

Developing a lethal pull up jumper game requires a commitment to the process to build your shot your from the ground up, repetition by repetition.

This video series includes up to 17 short instructional videos. The Foundations & Shot Builders comprises of 11 video chapters. The optional, but recommended, Dynamic Attacks package can be purchased at a discount if you buy both packages now.

  • Shot Builders & Foundations - 11 videos
  • Dynamic Attacks - 6 videos


Shot Builders

This collection of drills will build your pull up jumper from the ground up. These will serve as the high repetition muscle memory builders of your pull up jumper game by fine-tuning your mechanics through each and every progression.


This collection of drills will begin to construct your pull up game focusing in on the little details that make the difference between a make or a miss, getting a shot off or getting it blocked. Progress through the drills and build your efficiency and accuracy.

Dynamic Attacks 

This collection of drills builds off of the foundations and expands your development into live dribble moves to create space for a shot and game action breakdowns where pull up jumpers are frequent scoring options.